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8 Ways To Earn More Money As A Consultant

I have explored more ways to make money from my experience. There are many possibilities, such as creating training, writing books and other options. However, I recently discovered another source of income with many benefits: to advise others. You can calculate an hourly rate, and if you have more people, you will have more success. However, many people who call themselves consultants have a hard time making their work a respectable change. While some consultants earn thousands of dollars each month, others find it difficult to consult a person who consults each month. To earn more money as a consultant, follow these eight tips.

  1. Treat your queries more.

It seems like a child’s play, but it’s that kind of attitude towards this method that prevents people from getting better results. Think about it. Counselor A charges $50 for 1 hour of counseling and receives 6 people each month for an hour. Advisor B charges $ 100 an hour and receives 3 people each month for an hour. Consultant A has more clients than Consultant B, but Consultant B could earn the same amount as Consultant A by speaking with clients for three hours instead of six. You have three extra hours to do things that increase your credibility.

  1. Increase your credibility.

Many clients can choose consultants. They choose only the most credible consultants or those who ask for the lowest price. If you want advice on a full-time income, or at least five digits a year, while having a comfortable life and controlling most of your schedules, do not be fooled by the lowest prices. If you lower your prices, there will be too many customers and your time will be divided into too many segments below each customer expectations (which will result in lower quality).

  1. Ask for money in advance.

Many consultants make the mistake of asking for money at the end of the consultation. That’s when some clients decide to end the process and pretend they have never heard of you before. As a result, many consultants are turning to their clients for the income they earn. It’s like the elementary school teacher looking for homework. This does not happen in so many middle schools or high schools and it almost never happens in school. What motivates students to do their homework (even if they are late) is to avoid the “F” grade. However, your customer does not have this reason to give you the money. Therefore, you must ask for money in advance, instead of fighting with some of your clients to earn your money. If you have good credibility, customers will be more willing to pay before the consultation.

  1. Be a consultant for certain good niche.

If you know how to develop a strategy for “Instagram”, but you do not know how to develop a strategy for “Google”, both do not belong. Just be a consultant for the specifics of your niche, where you can do a good job. This will encourage more loyal customers.

  1. Facilitate the consultation process.

If you receive money in advance, it will be easier to create reports for your clients. The fear of sending a report that usually bothers you by $100 costs you more because you have money. In addition, you want to know the person before you make the request. If you take 10 minutes to advance on the advice to catch the person and their goals, that person will have the impression of wasting money in his deliberations. What you should do is to provide all paying customers with a questionnaire consisting of 5 to 10 questions. This process will further prepare you for the consultation and allow your clients to receive value for their money. This process will encourage people to pay in advance the first time and then they will become customers.

  1. Offer a discount for returning customers.

You can tell your customers that if they make two of their applications, the third will be 50% off. If they value your advice properly, you can get more sales with 50% off. Also, some of your clients have a 4th and 5th arrangement with you again to enjoy the 50% offer (and to learn, of course). This reduction will appeal to potential customers and enable you to build close relationships with respondents three or more times.

  1. Give your customers a seductive, but unexpected, free price.

When a customer consults you, let them have your full attention. Customers do not surf the web, read emails or check the time. They will only pay attention to what you say. Since you have some advance payment ($100 and more), you can spend some of that money on your customer. Let your client know you are very proud to have them, and for that, send a free copy of one of your books at no extra charge.  You just have to get address and make sure that the address is never released.

  1. Advise your customers to register request in advance.

For all types of consultation you have the option to record an audio version of the query. All you have to do is have a smartphone and record a sound when the consultation starts. If you have a computer, the sound still works, but you can also save your computer screen. Regardless of which way you save the query, then your client will not have the time to waste the notes and instead focus more on you (which, in most cases, leads to a returning customer or at least one customer who gives a good testimonial).


In conclusion, it is important to bring customers to sessions. But you also want to earn as much money as possible with your counseling sessions. These are 8 ways you can make more money as a consultant. If you are not there yet, you can do it by following these tactics in less than a year. Much of your success as a consultant depends on your credibility. It’s important that everything you do to improve your credibility will improve and make you become an expert in your niche.

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