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American vs. Asian Fashion Styles

Male fashion is changing not only in the United States, but also in Asian countries like Korea. No more than 10% exists of men’s fashion, while 90% of of fashion in clothing stores is women’s fashion. It’s time to break stereotypes, because men spend as much time and effort on their appearance as women do. However, each country has a different style for each trend. Today we compare the fashion of Asian countries like Korea with that of the average American men. You get to decide who uses them best…

While both are undoubtedly a solid source of tailored inspiration, the cultural differences between Americans and Koreans are quite pronounced in their preferences and wardrobe style. On the one hand, our Asian neighbors tend to be on the conservative side, always considering the time, the place and the opportunity to choose the outfit they wear for the day.

In terms of fashion, there are many forms of clothing styles that are inspired by people’s clothing preferences. You can find some women who want their clothes to have more laces, ruffles or extravagant princess motifs. Others, however, simply choose clothes with simpler and more rustic styles. On the other hand, due to different people’s preferences, some people have combined different styles to create new appearances.

The world is made up of different continents, where people in the American part of the world wear clothes that are very different from Asians. Can you tell the difference between Asian and American fashion? Compare the two.

Asian fashion
In contrast, dress habits vary in an Asian way and trends vary considerably, depending on each person’s options. You will find these people following Western fashion trends, while many Asians follow dress styles that are simply niche trends in the countries of North America and Europe.

Clothing factories in Asia can produce cheaper clothing, so their variety of clothing styles has grown significantly due to the absence of the big companies that dominate the market. This has led to an increase in these clothing styles, which are believed to be hidden in Western cultures. The cost of making complex garments has led to this type of fashion that lapses in Western culture. On the contrary, Western culture is mainly interested in comfort and not in fashion.

Thus, Asian fashion differs from American culture. Now is the time to judge. Which of it is the best in your opinion, is it Asian or American fashion? Regarding the choice of clothes, the winner is undoubtedly Asian fashion. But if you feel better, it’s American fashion. We will pick Korea as an asian country


Korean men
Korean men’s fashion prefers a well-adjusted look. This is especially true for any type of pants. With shorts, Koreans tend to adjust that they cut easily over the knee. If you are looking for an elegant and elegant style, Koreans will have it in their pocket.

American men
The American approach to shorts for men is very different. They prefer a looser cut to give a relaxed and comfortable environment. Your cuts also end just above the knee, but tend to have a loose fit instead of a slim fit. This gives the look a more relaxed look. If the sports environment says, “I’ve only said something (but not really),” then the Americans will talk that round.



Korean men
With a smaller control pattern, Korean men prefer a softer pattern for their flannel. Flunels can also go from small tiles to bright colors for a nice pop in the summer. The Koreans will certainly remove the kid from the Scottish look and can make it super cute while remaining sexy.

American men
For larger and more square motifs, American flannel style is more masculine and nervous than playful and fun. When you think of the down of an American gentleman, you think of a big woodcutter or a bad loner. Anyway, sign up.


Korean men
Korean men tend to combine their blazers with more casual shirts to wear their outfits. With bright colors or pastel-colored fabrics that match the summer trend, these styles are refined and fresh. There is nothing more sexy than a man who can watch together and have fun.

American men
When American men put on blazers, they do not play. With a nice crest and a little Calvin Klein, they will have a lot of fans around the block. There is a reason why blazers are still used in business environments. They relate to the company.


Korean men

Denim jackets can not be wrong. Korean men usually wear well-fitting denim jackets and wash themselves darker. Combine them with a snap and a loose flannel and you’ll have a nice Korean.

American men
The denim jacket for American men makes a big comeback. These jackets offer their users a very classic and simple atmosphere. A good acid wash associated with dark denim or black jeans makes every American look as if it wanted to take you to a coffee rendezvous while reading handwritten poetry.


Korean men
A button above is classic for a reason. He looks great in any season and his style of flattering the male figure is an art. Korean fashion masters the classic look, and a cool button on tailored pants will make everyone believe.

American men
American men give a unique touch to the trend of lifting buttons by presenting the half-sleeve button. To follow the trend of the 90s, cuff sleeves are a necessity; and if you have biceps to show, go back!


Now that we’ve showed you the different styles it’s up to you to choose what style you like more!

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