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Attract More Girls With The Ultimate Gentlemen Styles: Free Guide

There is a moment in every man’s life where he needs to strengthen his game. Although you may have been casual in your teens and early twenties, hoodies and loose ties are NOT what mature women are looking for. Follow these tips to release the chains and begin to show the man older, wiser and more cultured than he really is.

Keep Your Beard Well Groomed

You may have noticed an increase in the amount of unkept hip beards you saw on the streets. But despite being “carefree” and “strong”, as you think, they are not what women want. To dress and be a true gentleman, it is important that all the parts of the machine work together.

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Buy A Suit That Suits

A suit must be in the wardrobe of each gentleman, but this rule only applies if the suit you have really matches. While a teenager with a suit that is too big for him is cute, the opposite is true for an adult man trying to get into an economic tux. Today, the suits are sporty, narrow, shorter and rejuvenated.

Know When To Wear A Tie (and what style to wear)

There is always a place to wear a tie, but it is an adjustment. “Dressing up,” means that more and more people wear a suit without a tie, and allow bonobos and other brands to have fun with their shirts. Know the collar of your shirt as with the suits, the cut of the shirt today is sportier, but it also rejuvenates, so it will not be left behind.

The necklace should match your face. There are various shapes and neck widths that match your dimensions and generally work more closely with thinner and more angular faces, which improves the width of the necklaces with wider and rounder features. Also think of eyelets, especially a thick, casual tie or a tweed sweater and a tweed jacket.


Improve Your Shirts

These Simpson t-shirts that you collected when you were a teenager are awesome, but they keep your style. If you choose your shirts because of your emotional connection with them, you do it wrong. While you do not need to put all your old shirts (every man needs shirts for a rainy day), it leaves room for solid and elegant shirts in neutral colors like black and white, Gray and olive. You will find a selection for each outfit.

Invest In A Pair Of Jeans

True gentlemen are not limited to suits only. While all men love to dress for comfort from time to time, you do not have to sacrifice style to achieve it. Despite its exhaustion and its cost, investing in good jeans is worth every penny. But not all jeans are the same. The three most important features to consider when buying a pair of jeans are the fitted cut, the dark wash and the sturdy construction.

Buy Matching Shoes For Your Jeans

If there is a shoe rule that every man has to follow, then leave your gym shoes on. There is nothing more puppy than a guy who wears big jeans but ruins them with a pair of white runners. Keep this fashion for your old man. Instead buy a pair of brown or black leather chukka boots. Not only are they comfortable, they also combine style and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Pay Attention To Details

Shaved your beard and you’re in an elegant suit with a nice pair of shoes. And now what? Gentlemens want to avoid looking exactly like any other man in a suit.

How do you do that? Pay attention to details. Look at a man with an enviable style and you will realize that what sets him apart from other men is often shown by the accessories, but not just any accessories. If I thought of a fedora and silver bracelet, we should stop it on its trail. Instead, go to the stores and invest in cufflinks, a suspenders and a versatile pocket square.

Get A Fucking Haircut

Considering the hair that best suits you, the type of hair you have (and how much you actually have). For men with sparse hair and those who are bald, these are the best options. It is remarkably easy to say that you are a gentleman, but watching the newspaper at times escapes us at best. Of course, anyone cannot afford to buy tailored suits and expensive parts immediately, but there are ways to look smart and polished without the bank being broken.

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Get Clothes That Suits You

This may seem an obvious consideration when buying clothing, but with the popularity of clothing ready to wear these days, many people consider a good fit. Everything in your closet should emphasize your shape, unfolded hems or big shirts should not reach your repertoire. Do not be afraid to go to a tailor for your clothes to fit your size. A true gentleman knows how to wear his clothes and does not let his clothes wear him. If you still have a lot of clothes that you do not like yet, have them changed with a tailor and they’ll go later too!

Find Timeless Pieces That Fit Your Outfit

Complementarity is not a women’s game. Small details, such as a classic watch, stylish sunglasses and a leather belt, can make sure that your entire outfit is elegant without being emphasized enough. There are many options for every price point, but be sure to invest in accessories that complement the rest of your wardrobe. In general, you are not looking for something naughty. Simple pieces can go far and are more versatile.

Invest In Good Basic Concepts

When we think of a gentleman, we think of a men with good manners in a tailored suit. Such an item is and always will be important in your wardrobe. But do not neglect the basics. Unfortunately, you cannot always wear a suit, so make sure your casual clothes look good. Buy sturdy jeans and simple shirts in different colors for everyday use. Never forget to give quality priority over quantity, because these are things that you will often use. Only time will tell you how interesting these purchases are.

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Listen Politely And Be Polite

A gentleman knows how to take care of his business. Invest in a good shoeshine. Take the time to iron your shirts. Wear clean clothes and repair any holes immediately. Your clothes are investmentand the care for them will ensure that they last longer. However, this is not limited to your wardrobe. Do a haircut, shave or cut regularly as the beard worsens and you bathe regularly. Bad eyes have never done anyone a favor.

Invest In A Reasonable Agreement

Some people can get a sturdy look, but most of the time they will go extra mile. By keeping your facial hair under control, you can improve your appearance even on quieter days. Take the time to cut your beard and keep it healthy with the right products. If you get lazy or cannot do it right, go to the barber and let him do the work.

Complement, But Not Bling

The accessories are in good shape for men and which make them differ in their comfort zones. From piercing the chain to the nose through ring handles, the accessories are very personal and, in general, they are best used when you feel comfortable using them. But as part of the timeless dressing, jewelry for men: use them sparingly.

And, by the way, the jewels are adapted to the wider context of accessories: high socks with a discreet suit; the clumsy gold tie, wild pattern links; pocket squares. These are tips that work for everyone. Always remember that a gentleman is a lifestyle, and dressing is suddenly only a fraction of being a gentleman. Keep in mind that your attitude will ultimately be a deciding factor in addition to the clothes you wear. Do not forget to say please and thank you. Provide help to the needy and continually develop their knowledge through reading, traveling and learning to balance and radiate the style that makes them true gentlemen.

Overall, this article was not that bad, actually I liked it, but it is A LOT about clothing and what to wear, a little bit more variation wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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