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The Story of… Grant Cardone, The 21st Century Entrepreneur!


Grant Cardone is a great name among American businessmen. In fact, they call him the 21st century entrepreneur. He begins very small and today there is not just one but four multi-million dollar companies. He has developed several sales programs that have influenced a large number of sellers, a large number of sales companies and billions of dollars in retail sales. His advancements in sales, sales management, sales executives, sales development, sales processing, sales books and sales programs make up the bulk of sales. His basic premise is that a company can only sell, and hopes that even the family depends on improving his status.

His First Deal

From the age of 15 Cardone examines the specifics of real estate. During his childhood, he and his father regularly visited various properties as a family business, and over time, they grew interests in buying buildings. To this day, buying property is always something he likes to do with his wife and children.

At the age of 22, Cardone graduated from college with a degree in accounting. Despite his desire to acquire a property immediately, he needed a few years for it. This enabled him to earn the money he would later use for investment. In addition, the delay gave Cardone time to absorb everything he could know about the subject of real estate.

At the age of 29, Cardone put his more than 14 years of real estate research into practice. He bought a family home in Houston, which went well on departure. After a few months, however, the tenants went out and Cardone’s liquidity dried up. He often makes fun of the experience by saying, “My occupancy rate has gone from 100% to 0%.” He hated having to concentrate on his core business to find new tenants. Fearing the situation would recur; Cardone quickly sold the property, broke his balance and vowed he would never buy a single-family home as an investment.

‘Uncle G’ Is All About Sales

In addition, Cardone generally provides services to sales organizations in all categories, including auto sales, land sales, real estate; direct sales companies and Fortune 500 sales groups. Entrepreneurs and business people are seeking grants in a variety of ways. Areas – including how sales relate to management, advertising and management systems. Quantified several organizations in terms of execution, optimal sales practices and general business expansion through sales and advertising.


He is also a radio presenter in the Cardone area. Grant is also well known for the television series Turnaround King in 2011. He is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author of the NY Times.

He is the author of seven books on sale (Sell To Survive) that propagate the idea that selling refers to life and concerns all areas of sales.


Anyone, regardless of their profession, is based on the sale, Grant worked when Atlas Media Corp and built a television series for National Geographic called Turnaround King. He is the founder and owner of many organizations, including Cardone Enterprises, The Cardone Group and Cardone Acquisitions. Forbes named him one of the 25 marketing influencers in 2017. He is an individual of the Church of Scientology. His Freedom Motorsports organization has supported the NASCAR pilots and advanced in Dianetics and Scientology.

$800.000.000 + In Real Estate

Staying productive and active from the start, Grant has managed to generate $800 million in total assets plus net worth. Guided seminars, motivational audio packs and books are an excellent way to learn the practical side. He is also a renowned international commercial coach. His first company was Cardone Training Technologies. He built from scratch a real estate empire that currently owns more than $500 million in multifamily housing in the United States of America.

handshaking a real estate deal

His book “If you’re not the first, you’re the last” was a best seller of the New York Times. He said that the first sensible and logical solution, whether the economy is big or terrible, is the first. Because if you are the best at your job or in your business, you have all the benefits and can overcome the market. If you are not number one, you could be in danger. A problematic economy can offer the general population a significant part of the opportunities that remain positive and focused on domination. Your defenseless rivals will be on the ropes for you to progress and conquer, in case you have crazy efforts and successful sales skills. Looking for the open door in everything. Beyond the best, feel uncomfortable, focus on selling and do everything you need to grow your own economy and make he work. Work on how your fantasies and your life depend on them, as they do.


He also contributes competently to various news channels such as FOX News, CNBC, Huffington Post, etc.


They say: “Very well, nothing is small”; this is the kind of wisdom he shared with his readers. His other famous book, “The 10X Rule”, which teaches everyone to succeed, and the secret of extraordinary., is making an effort ten times greater than others. Earlier said by Cardone, the 10X rule is the thing that measures the effort and imagination you expect from yourself to complete effectively while changing your thinking ambitiously.

The key to outstanding performance is making ten times effort more than others. He also characterizes Performance as  “The degree or level of achievement of a desired object or purpose”. And to get your wealth or grow, you need to go further. He must have a tenacious certainty to achieve his goals, which lead to the manifestation of his desires. In the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone he is using himself as an example, in order to buttress his point, he keeps saying something similar to that.


Therefore, the great actor and comedian Jim Carrey said that I want everyone to be rich and famous, so he knows this is not the “answer”. Grant made this point very clearly that there is no interruption in life. You must always put a multiplier for things already done in order to keep it alive and in the market. Because we remind everyone that Darwin has handed out the most adequate theory that says that if you would not adapt to the changing environment, some sort of waste would be expelled. He was a life change for many people around the world.


He has also worked with Google, Wells Fargo and Ford to improve the customer experience and adapt the sales process. He worked not only on the National Geographic Channel in the no-script television contract “Turnaround King” (2011), but also focused that Cardone maintains his organizations. Grant also appeared in the TV show “How do you get so rich? (2010) By Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick and John Stevens.

He set the example of overcoming the adversity of his activities and in addition, he demonstrated a trip through the Cardona Chamber. His appearances on television contributed to some extent in their total net worth, but also expanded the introduction of the general population and then the ubiquity of the agent.

As for his private life, Grant Cardone is married to actress Elena Lyons, and the family has two little girls. Cardone is an individual religious development, the Church of Scientology, which focuses on the organization, practice and dissemination of Scientology (a variety of beliefs and related practices). He is making progress in Scientology and Dianetics, the provision of practices and ideas, which is done using the supernatural connection between the body and the brain and the support of the NASCAR driver as a leader in motor sport freedom, as indicated above.


That’s what successful people do, Cardone writes. Whether they convince others to believe in their vision “to draw attention to their products or ideas, or distribute them day and night, those who have succeeded have put forward that anyone who knows his name high standards. ”

Create a map of your goals and make a plan to defeat them. Once you understand what your goals are and why you want to achieve, Tony Robbins, a multi-millionaire and entrepreneur, writes in another blog, which you must adhere to achieve these goals. Set a time frame when performing the necessary steps, and even try to schedule this into your calendar.


Far more than a professional coach, Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul who has built his $ 566 million multi-family portfolio. Prior to his first acquisition, Cardone spent several years gathering as much information as possible on real estate. At the age of 29, he makes his first purchase, a unique property that quickly becomes a disaster after the departure of the original tenants. Years after this experience, he acquired a complex of 38 units and never bought another single-family property as an investment.

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Born broke is not the issue, staying broke is quote grant cardone


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