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Hard or Smart Work, Which To Do?

Hard work is doing work dedicatedly. Smart work is about the same job, but faster and more. Most self-help gurus will advocate this fact; to succeed you must work hard. You can even say that you have to give it everything as soon as you wake up and when you go to bed. Although this is true, one can say that in less time, someone can work so much that he works smarter and more.

Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work

One way to differentiate between hard work and smart work is to say that hard workers:

• Work hard, but in the end they ask theirselves what their contribution was.
• Work hard, but it does not feel like they get the recognition they deserve.
• Work hard, but rarely feel fulfilled.
• Work hard, but they always have an endless list to do.

On The Other Hand, Smart Workers Strive To Achieve SMART Goals:

• S   –  Specific
• M –  Measurable
• A  –  Attainable
• R  – Result Oriented
• T  – Time bound

By this definition, a smart worker is someone who knows what to do, who has measurable and achievable goals, which needs to deliver results on time. It can be said that hard work works in the same way and with the same technique, while smart work aims to change the way and technique to improve productivity. It could also be said that hard work means using the same ideas as before, while a smart worker would try to use these ideas in a new way, to find a new and innovative idea that would improve productivity.

Hard Work:

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Everyone can work hard. If someone says that he is always busy because he works hard, what does that really mean? Is that really a good thing? Or do people say something to impress others? If you work every week and sell your life at work and you just do not train, something is wrong. According to statistics, the average person is only three months away from the total. You can work hard for what you want, but if you swap time for dollars, you’re in constant danger. You can lose your job, lose your home and lose your health insurance. If you work hard and not smart, you cannot multiply your efforts. Each of us only gets 24 hours a day if you are Bill Gates or Joe Schmo. No matter how hard you work in your job, you only get paid by the number of hours you work. To earn more money, you have to work more hours. If not, you will have to go back to college and get a diploma and pray for you to receive a salary increase. In the end, there is still a limit to what you can earn.

Smart Work:

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Smart work can make a big difference in your lifestyle, your net worth and your income. People who learn to work smart seem safer, more innovative and richer. One of the best examples of hard work is Ray Kroc. He is the founder of McDonald’s and the father of the franchise concept. He knew that if he could open several restaurants in the city and have others, he could take a small percentage of each restaurant’s revenue to use his McDonalds brand.

Let’s say you only receive $100 per McDonald’s per day. There are more than 30,000 McDonald’s. That would be more than $3,000,000 a day!

It works smartly. This is what online business owners are doing to make money. Basically, you can increase your efforts and have income generating websites that work hard for you. Whether blogging with ads or affiliate marketing sites, if you have multiple, you will earn a lot of money.



Hard work points to the crowd and can become monotonous and boring after a while. Smart work aims to achieve quality goals.

Work Process:
Working hard requires a lot of tedious work, which is traditionally done. But when people work smart, they can get more results if they work in an unconventional and modern way, which could include webinars, courses and training.

Hard work uses the traditional work format, and there are not many changes. On the other hand, smart work is about using old ideas and transforming them for better results.

End Goal:
People who work hard sometimes feel that they cannot achieve their stated purpose. Smart employees achieve their goals faster through appropriate time management.

An easy way to turn hard work into smart work is to understand the consequences of the process. If students continue to work without reliable results, they should consider working smart. Instead of focusing all your attention on work, think of all the possible solutions to get the same amount of work in less time. Define deadlines and goals that you must meet within a set time and prioritize important tasks first. In this way, you do not waste a lot of time on unimportant things.
On the other hand, some people think that there is no substitute for hard work. Working smart is a shortcut that does not work at all stages of your life. Nevertheless, smart work has undoubtedly worked for many. If you can do the same amount of work at the same time, it’s not a shortcut; it’s just a better alternative.

If you can combine hard and smart work, you will reach new heights and lead to a better life. Everyone who works hard and smart will get all the benefits in time and will have the chance to not work at all.

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