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What To Wear At What Occassion? FREE TIPS!

Looking good is all about appropriate coordination. There was a time when people had the idea of ​​suits as the only form of formal dresses for men, but times have changed, and now it is mostly the occasion itself that determines what to wear. There are many key micro attributes that play a role in how men look at all events, such as accessories, color combinations and designs, all of which are essential elements that can make a difference to the general perspective.


In general, it is a good idea to make the occasion a kind of formal dress that men should look forward to wearing. It is very important that the dress fits the other members of the event or environment; the key idea can be blend instead of being foreign. The formal dressing for business is usually achieved with a very high quality suit and well adjusted, usually in dark colors such as black, navy blue or gray.

The shirt itself must be white or blue, with the main idea of ​​highlighting a striking contrast. It is acceptable for cufflinks to be used as accessories, since they are usually reserved for clothing used in commercial environments. Cufflinks can also be worn at weddings. In this case, an open tuxedo and a bow can replace the suit.


Formal dresses are the most appropriate type of dress for events such as weddings, dinners or even dances. They may differ from one country to another and from one culture to another. Different countries and cultures have different dress standards for official events, and may differ in the type of garment, color, size and even patterns of the material. In terms of events, there are also several degrees of formality. For every formal occasion, the style of formal dresses that are to be worn is different to those that are to be worn in moderately formal events.

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Former Dress codes can be black or formal tie, white or ultra-formal tie, optional black tie, creative black tie, semi-formal or casual and casual classified for five years, cocktail dress, and party dress. Some men usually wear a tuxedo and tie in very formal events. Formal dresses for men are long or short cocktails or long formal dresses depending on the occasion. In general, in very formal events, men wear long dresses for dinner, dresses during the day and dance dresses for dances. It is common for men to wear a tuxedo with or without a tie. White or black is the official color in the west, depending on whether it is a black or white tie.


Despite the differences in their respective characteristics, formal dresses are reserved only for very formal events in all countries of the world. In most parts of the world, the dress code of the different events is strictly compliant. Compliance with the dress code not only reflects the culture, but may also reflect the personality and attitude towards clothing in general.


As for classy dressing on the other hand, People will surely notice you if you know how to dress. Knowing what you wear, how to get accurate colors combinations, and how to keep your clothes in good condition are important elements to dress with class. For those who want to dress elegantly, the following suggestions will help you succeed…


Choose Clean, Fresh And Well-Fitting Clothes.

Wearing the same old and expensive suit for all occasions will never help. A pair of jeans with a light and fitted shirt will do. This combination is affordable and decent.


Have Clean Shoes Wherever You Go.

Dress to attract the opposite sex while standing in front of the dressing table. However, almost always one after another check. Most girls like men who wear good shoes.

While Choosing A Suitable Color, Keep Your Skin Tone In Mind.

For each skin tone, there is a measure of the colors to radiate the best in you. Note, however, that there are limits; For example, high-neck neon colored T with pink shorts can never be attractive, regardless of your complexion. Always choose decent colors. A lemon-colored shirt with slim pants can be a great choice.


Avoid Shorts

Yeah guys, they are never cool unless you are in the pool or gym. Don’t wear them home after exercising either!


Choose The Right Items For Your Wardrobe.

Although dressing in a classy way never depends on the number or type of items your wardrobe possesses, this is always the case with some basic quality principles that will always allow you to dress with class.


Add Good Accessories

Watches, shades, etc. do not have to be expensive ones, but they have to be decent and reflect a mature taste.


The Perfect Fit

Although you must take care of yourself, you may be in a combination that is not on the shelf. The perfect fit can only be achieved by investing in tailored suits.

Whatever You Want And In Less Time

Finding the perfect outfit can be time consuming when shopping for a department store. A good designer can identify what he needs in the time he needs to adapt to his individual dresses.


Choose Between High Quality Materials

For custom suits/dresses, you can choose your favorite materials. Off-the-track suits are often factory-made, low-cost materials. The craft is just not there, where it is made with inferior manufacturing techniques.

Choose Your Style

You may have a particular style in mind or the average business suit does not suit you as much as you want. Even the suits in your favorite store cannot tick all the required boxes. Your tailoring session will ensure your suit is made according to your perfect style, no matter how unusual it is in stores. Your imagination is limited here. Special buttons, your favorite fabric lined inside the coat, hidden pockets and custom lapels, whatever, a tailor can make it possible.


It Makes You Look Great

Made by hand and made to measurements, nobody in the world will have a suit like yours. You will be absolutely unique to every event you attend. Express your style and personal taste with your custom suit. People want to know that you are a quality man and ready to invest in your look to make a good impression.

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