Private Party’s Like You Have Never Seen Before!

The Royals, the new series on a modern fictional British monarchy, and with Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, certainly presents its fair share of decadent parties. And if there is one person who likes to party, it’s Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), the wild twin of Prince Liam (William Moseley).

And why not that? She is finally royal. If you want to celebrate, you should do better.

These members of the royal family exhibited some of the most elaborate and costly feasts of humanity. From a $ 70 million wedding to Michael Jackson’s commission for a private birthday presentation, no expense has been spared.

Take a look at the craziest parties ever. Don’t you want to be the prince his friend?

$ 70 million wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

kate middleton wedding dress nr. 2

When Prince William married Kate Middleton, it was at least a big event.

In the footsteps of his parents, the Duke of Cambridge had a highly anticipated and mediatized wedding around the world.

Guests were also invited to the rooms of the luxurious Goring Hotel (where the standard room costs $ 550 per night). In addition to the carriages, 1,900 people attended the ceremony, followed by a 600-person luncheon presented by the Queen.

To make matters worse, Prince Charles organized a dinner of 300 people in the evening, and the newlyweds celebrated with two wedding cakes at $ 80,000. One can only imagine the taste of a cake of 80 kilos. Diamonds and sugar? There was also $ 800,000 in flowers and Kate had three costume changes, including her beautiful Sarah Burton wedding dress, which cost $ 400,000. But that makes sense, because if you have the wedding of the century, you also need the perfect dress for her.


Birthday Party Number 27 By Prince Azim

If anyone likes to party, it is Princess Azim, son of the Sultan of Brunei.

Her 27th birthday was christened “Party of the Year” in England and included an impressive list of guests including Sophia Loren, Mariah Carey and Faye Dunaway.


Singer Chaka Khan offered entertainment for the party, which took place at a hotel in Stapleford Park Cottage.

There were rumors that the prince had spent $ 100,000 for white roses only. He was known for hosting decadent parties in the past and he loves to give his favorite celebrities like Usher extravagant gifts that contain diamond-coated tennis shoes.


Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Of course, you went all night, but did you celebrate all year?

That’s exactly what Queen Elizabeth II did in 2012 as she celebrated her 60th birthday. To kick off the festivities, the Queen celebrated a weekend that included a derby, a concert at Buckingham Palace, an elegant lunch and a procession of 1,000 boats on the Thames. To continue the Golden Jubilee, the Queen led a series of regional trips to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He then sent other members of the royal family all over the world to visit the Commonwealth countries from Jamaica to Papua New Guinea.

So, basically, it’s a one-year party. That should be bright miles for frequent travelers…


50th Anniversary Of The Sultan Of Brunei

sultan brunei his 50th anniversary
Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (center-L) and Queen Saleha (centre-R) wave from the royal chariot during a procession to mark his golden jubilee of accession to the throne in Bandar Seri Begawan on October 5, 2017.
Brunei’s all-powerful sultan will mark 50 years on the throne Oct 5 with lavish celebrations including a glittering procession, a 21-gun salute and a ceremony at his vast, golden-domed palace. / AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN

Since he is the father of Prince Azim, the apple does not fall clearly from the tree. At the age of fifty, the Sultan of Brunei organized a two-week birthday party that would have cost around $ 25 million. The celebrations included a polo match with Prince Charles, a dinner of 3,000 people and the grand finale: a performance by the Prince of Pop himself. That’s right, Michael Jackson received the payment from the Sultan for $ 16 million to be able to play in his palace. It’s a good dinner.


The Graduation Ceremony Of Prince Fahd Al-Saud

What are you doing after graduation? Of course, reserve Disneyland for you. Saudi Prince Fahd-Al-Saud has reserved parts of Disneyland Paris for a weekend to celebrate his private party with 60 guests. The prince would have spent $ 19.5 million for his celebration, which included special security measures and appearances by strange Disney characters.


The Crown Prince’s Wedding In Abu Dhabi

When Mohammed Bin Zayed Bin married Princess Salama of Abu Dhabi with Sultan Al Nahyan, he built a specially designed stadium for 20,000 people. Each city in Abu Dhabi received the sheikh during the week of the wedding and served festive dinners, while the bride’s gifts were loaded on 20-jeweled camels.


The $ 48 Million Wedding Of Prince Charles And Lady Diana

The Prince of Wales has definitely set the standard for future marriages of his children when he married Lady Diana.

His wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral was broadcasted to a worldwide audience of 750 million people, while his guest list was filled with kings and celebrities. Diana’s stunning dress contained a 25-foot lace train, but even more impressive than the 27 wedding cakes, as well as a five-foot main cake. Supposedly, cake production lasted 14 weeks and in the event of an accident, a duplicate was made. Let her eat cake, for example. Marie Antoinette would certainly have been proud.

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