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POOR vs SUCCESSFUL Thinking! How You Can Apply…

It is usually more profitable to use your strengths than to correct your weaknesses. This is especially true when we talk about skills. Concentrate on what you are doing well and let someone else do what you are struggling with. However, there is a big exception to this general rule: bad minds. A bad mentality is not an ordinary weakness; it is a critical weakness that will affect its effectiveness if it is not responded to. As you feel resentful by rich and successful people, you have a scarcity mentality. Since it is difficult for you to be really and really happy about the success of others, he has a scarcity mentality. The alternative to scarcity mindset is an abundance mentality. The mindset of abundance says that we can create more value for all. Instead of seeing wealth and success as a zero sum game, we can create situations where everyone goes out better than before.

Winning vs. Not Losing

If you bring your money into the stock market, you can lose it. If you put it in real estate, you can lose it. If you invest in starting a business, you can lose it. All this is true. However, the stock market, real estate and starting a business are the best ways to increase your wealth. They allow your money to work hard for you instead of you having to work hard for your money. If you play not to lose as a poor thinker, you will avoid all three. You will avoid the losses you were afraid of, but you will unfortunately suffer a greater loss, loss of opportunity. Your reward will not be safety, but regret.

Committing vs. Wannabe  

Everyone wants to be rich. Given the decision to be poor and wealthy, very few people would say that they would rather fight to survive. If you want to become rich, you must feel obligated and committed to it. You must be ready to take the next step, whether you feel ready or not. You must do the work. You must take the risks. Engagement can mean getting up earlier. This can mean reading a book that improves your thoughts rather than catching Netflix. Whatever form you take in your life, there must be tangible signs of your commitment that you can point to as a rich thinker.

Big vs Small Thinking

The poor think small and realistic. They never look beyond their potential or beyond their environment. The rich understand that a chance is needed to achieve real success. Here’s the fun part, even if you do not reach the stars, you’ll find yourself somewhere near them.

Opportunism vs. Obstacles

Poor thinkers always focus on obstacles. Let’s say you have this incredible talent for cooking. People suggest starting a business or at least writing a cookbook. Instead of seeing it as an incredible opportunity, a poor person will only see obstacles. They think, “There are already so many cooks in the world and they will get a business license forever, I do not know anything about business, etc.” Then they leave the idea and return to their work without a future. Meanwhile, rich thinkers will consider competition, time and lack of business education, but they will not be discouraged. They buy books or use online information while waiting for their company approval. Whatever happens, they will take advantage of opportunities. Thinking positively positively about everything you do. Even if everyone around you is better than you, you always get the positive attitude and the positive result.

Associating Terms

While the rich thinkers are associated with positive and prosperous people, the poor thinkers associate with negative people or unsuccessful people. Here is where things are real. It has often been said, “your network is your net worth”. It has also been observed, “you are the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time”.

Results = $$ vs. Time = $$ 

Time is the most precious resource. If you spend your time creating something that you can sell instead of time, you can make money and save time. When you trade time for money, you get money and you lose time.

Assets vs Earned Income

The rich thinkers focus on their assets. The poor thinkers focus on their earned income. Do not get this wrong, I want a high income, but the problem of focusing only on a high income is that your own efforts are the only way to earn money. If you give up and look at your net worth, you can start working your money. You can use your money to earn money. High incomes are not as good if your expenses are higher. Ideally, you should live with your resources and invest a portion of your income in building your capital by using your money to make money.


Rich Thinkers Let Their Money Work Hard For Them

The poor thinkers work hard for their money. The rich spend their money on properties that earn money, stocks, real estate, and businesses. Their money makes money. The poor thinkers are in debt and must work longer to pay the money they have already spent.

Rich thinking gives us the opportunity to improve our situation by improving our thoughts. If we improve our thoughts, we will probably choose better actions that affect our results (probably for the better). In a certain sense, it is a chain of causes and effects that is much further away than our current situation. To have a bit of perspective, compare a man who always chooses positive thoughts with a man who always chooses negative thoughts. Who says who will find more light in his day, more laughs in the conversation and more smiles throughout his life?

If that would make a difference in the worst situations, I would say. Focusing on the good will always bring more luck than focusing on evil.

Rich Thinkers Want To Win vs. Poor Thinkers Do Not Want To Lose

Most wealthy people tend to have a common goal, namely, wealth and massive wealth. They are constantly fighting for financial growth. Instead of thinking about how to spend your money, the rich are constantly thinking about how to make their money work for them. They always try to invest their money in something that gives them a considerable return.


The poor tend to play defensively. The most common word one hears about financially unstable people is that they just want to be “comfortable”. That’s great theoretically, but it almost never works. I know many people who constantly try to take care of their family and make ends meet. I respect her for that.

But this is the problem, they are wasting money on things they do not really need, and when I mention that point, I am automatically the “bad guy”. The reality is that you can always reduce your monthly expenses. What kind of accounts and expenses do you currently have? Can you live without her? Of course you can, but you’re probably afraid of change.

Theoretically, once you have eliminated all bills and expenses, you can use your saved money and start a small savings account. Then you can invest that money. I’m not here to give you financial advice, but it’s mostly common sense. It is up to you to learn about investments.

Net Worth vs. Income

Let’s face it, the poor thinkers have very little money, but that does not mean they have to think that way. If you focus on everything you have, that’s your value, and that’s what’s important. Stop worrying about the amount of money you have in the bank and think about the value of everything else. That’s what the rich are concentrating on and you must do it too.

If you did not know it now, the net worth is the financial value of everything you own. The true measure of wealth is net worth. The income does not work. Net worth is the best measure of wealth, because if necessary, what you own may eventually be liquidated in cash. Simply keeping cash is quite risky.

The future of the dollar does not seem to be very optimistic. If you are seeing what is happening in the world at this moment, you already know it. Try to figure out how to invest your money so that it will bring you money in the future. Do not buy anything that loses value. Be smart with your money…


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