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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Private Jets

Knowing what you need before buying a plane for your operation is important if you want to make the right purchase. However, buying for the first time can make it difficult to know exactly what you need. List some of the key factors you should know before deciding to buy a plane.


Who Is The Typical Passenger?

You should also consider the type of passenger boarding your plane. How big is your group on average? Do you only use it to support partners and buyers, or do you bring other executives or sales representatives with you?. These are all things to think about before concluding an agreement with your private jet agent.

Size is also something that should also be considered. Depending on their size, some cabins look tiny, so you should also consider the size of the cabin if you want to accommodate passengers of all measures and sizes. Private jet commercial consultants can advise you on this matter.


How Much Can I Save In Charter?

Although chartering out your plane is a great way to offset the cost of your plane, you can never eliminate it. Therefore, it is important that you have realistic expectations in terms of the value you can recover from the plane simply by leasing it. When you start chartering, you are essentially in the commercial airline industry, a sector that is struggling to make a profit, so you should keep that in mind.

Another problem with chartering is its cyclical nature. There may be strong demand for some years, while demand could fall next year. In addition, depreciation and wear caused by the intensive use of the aircraft must also be taken into account.


Are The Benefits Greater Than The Costs?

The main difference between commercial and private flights is that you pay for a seat with commercial flights. This has many effects. A first class round trip from London to New York can easily cost up to £ 6,000.

This is perfect if you travel alone on a regular basis, but if you also have to pay your employees, the costs can easily be incurred. When traveling with a group of five or more people, commercial flights becomes less and less useful.


Should I Buy A New Or Used Jet?

This is another problem that affects many people who buy private jets for the first time. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Sales of private jets are not always dry, but most private aircraft sales consultants will agree that a new aircraft in terms of fuel economy, comfort, speed and fuel efficiency will generally be better than previous used.  Older aircraft can be much more expensive to maintain and tend to consume more fuel, which is a big expense when buying a new plane.


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Private Charter Activity

As expected, the high cost of starting and operating an aerospace business makes many investors and contractors hesitate. However, many rewards await those who choose to take the risk. Here are some other reasons to do it.


  1. The industry opens up to a larger market.

The cliché of the private flight, which is exclusively the territory of the rich, famous and extravagant, reminds ordinary people who choose it for practical reasons. Among entrepreneurs who need to make urgent trips to families with children and pets who do not feel comfortable with an airline, the charter market is becoming more diversified.


  1. There is a possibility to enter first.

Wait for the competition in the big cities. However, in small cities and some countries, it is likely to be the first to reach the market. And because consumer confidence is fundamental to an airline, it can be beneficial for you to be there.


  1. You do not even need planes.

The value economy has found its way into countless industries and aviation is no exception. The now known “Uber model” is applied to private flying, and now you can start a business in the industry without having to own aircraft. Companies that act as flight agents are increasingly used. This gives the opportunity to enter the industry without incurring the high costs of purchasing and operating a fleet.


  1. The technology to manage your business is constantly improving.

New opportunities to operate a charter business do not stop at the big idea. Nowadays, there are always new technologies to manage the essence of your company’s operations.

The most effective aspect is perhaps the proliferation of applications that literally put their service in the hands of their customers. The UI / UX industry is always finding new ways to make the customer more interested and the transaction more convenient.

On the other hand, there are also several SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products that make it easy to manage a business without problems and with fewer errors. Nowadays, you can find a package for everything from employee management to accounting, and the fact that they work in the cloud means that all the data that the company has to work on is fully integrated in real time.


  1. Today, more and more companies are using frequent and critical flights.

More and more organizations are now working in several countries. This is true for companies of all sizes, not just multinationals with their own commercial aircraft. Business people must make urgent trips with an airline; whole teams must be transferred to work in a foreign location; Companies must send people and products to a major commercial agreement in another state, etc. Now, there is a greater need for flights, which in many cases can not be served by commercial aircraft.

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