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The REAL Story behind Rolls Royce + 15 SECRETS You NEED to Know!

Rolls Royce is the greatest luxury available; everyone agrees that Rolls Royce is a kind of panic in the auto industry. Maybe you know that Rolls Royce actually dominates the global speed record book, or that they continue to build the best engines in the world. As we all know Rolls Royce is a symbol of wealth and class, but let’s take a closer look at it’s REAL Story…


The History Behind Rolls Royce

 The Rolls-Royce R was a British aircraft engine designed and built specifically for aerospace by Rolls-Royce Limited. Nineteen R engines were assembled between 1929 and 1931 in a limited production.

Founders: Charles Rolls and Henry Royce

Rolls Royce was created and designed to compete with trains and horses. The first Rolls Royce announcement was a testimonial from one of its owners, who said, “I can say that my car is a perfect dream, it’s so reliable that I’m done with my coaches and my horses”

In 1973, Rolls Royce separated from Rolls-Royce cars, which separated and left the plane and the military contract in peace.

The “R” aircraft engine was the fastest on the ground in 1930s. It broke all speed records well known to man. RR drove the S6b submarine for over 400 miles an hour and they won a speed record in boat, ultra competitive Schneider trophy in air race.

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The iconic hood of ornament means “Spirit of Ecstasy” is the result of the subject’s lighting. A woman called Eleanor Velasco Thornton inspired him who had a secret affair with a man (Charles Robinson Sykes), a young car sculptor. The spirit of ecstasy alone is worth more than $40 million. In 2002, BMW finalized the acquisition of the Volkswagen Rolls Royce brand and paid $40 million for the emblematic rights of the decorative bell. These days, you can have it personalized with a gold or crystal illuminator, as a security feature, the ornament can be lowered under the hood.

Rolls Royce Played An Important Role In The Development Of Engines

Frank Whittle created in 1941 the first British model for a practical jet engine. However, the design could not be easily and completely implemented without the support of a complete engineering team. Moreover, Whittle’s original design, when bureaucracy has become confused with the changes that result from purely professional jealousy. Ernest Hives (Head Rolls-Royce Aircraft Division) saved the design of Whittle. Although they have slightly redesigned this engine, they have made integration into military aircraft practices. His upgrade in Whittles original design, Rolls-Royce Welland I, powered the first allied military aircraft: the Gloster Meteor fighter. This jet was not widely used during the Second World War, but laid the foundation for many future implementations of the technology. And all thanks to Rolls Royce!

An Old Rolls-Royce Factory Is Now A Movie Studio

During the Second World War, Leavesden Aerodrome in Hertfordshire was used in the UK, to produce mosquito-control aircraft (powered by Rolls-Royce) and other aircraft. Rolls Royce was an integral part of the war production. After the war, Rolls Royce took over the airfield to produce helicopter engines. He continued to roll in this role until 1994, when the airfield sold to Warner Bros. The film’s first appearance at the movie theater in GoldenEye was a James Bond movie created in 1995. In 2010, Warner Bros. decided to rebuild its permanent base air base; the towers (as well as some other remnants of the site) are preserved and reminiscent of their previous uses. The old airfield was used to run several famous films like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Star Wars: Episode I: The Dark Threat.

Rolls Royce Designed A Machine Gun

Far away from luxury vehicles originally proposed by Rolls Royce and even by their essential contribution to aviation, it was experimental Rolls-Royce machine gun. This caliber .50 pistol was made by dr. Mario Viale Spirito, who developed the head of a team of engineers from World War II Rolls-Royce. The weapon neglected gas operation, which was the most widely used mechanism at that time. Instead, he fired a sealed chamber and used a wedge-shaped piece to extend and retract the spindle. It weighed about 42% less than the standard Browning M2 and was over a foot long. In addition, the weapon fired twice the Browning Index. However, unforeseen problems presented the prototype with problems that looked good on paper. The weapon produced many flashes, had a tendency to break and often get stuck. As a result, the Browning M2 remained the standard service weapon. There is only one example of today’s Rolls-Royce weapon. It is located in the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds, England.

Rolls Royce Opened A Factory In America

The legendary British luxury car manufacturer obtained much from the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. As a result, they decided to open their own manufacturing facilities in the United States. The American Rolls-Royce factory in Springfield, Mass., Produced more than 3,000 cars. Many Americans, however, preferred the British Rolls-Royce. Then the factory remained open only ten years before and finally closed its doors. However, vehicles manufactured in Springfield set the Rolls-Royce standard. The types of bodies in the United States were not so widespread.

rolls royce driving in monaco

The Silver Spirit Was Used To Create The First British Armoured Car 

The acclaimed Rolls-Royce six-cylinder Silver Ghost was the base upon which the British armored vehicle was built. After testing the first Rolls-Royce vehicles on the first line in 1914, the British government immediately requested the availability of all available chassis. In addition to a single exception based on a personal desire of King George V. himself, each Silver Ghost created during the war was used in the army. In fact, even some individuals donated their own models of the spirit for military purposes. Rolls Royce is a pioneer in many areas. The fact that its chassis can withstand the war conditions speaks for the indestructibility and quality of the design of these cars.

15 Things You NEED To Know

1. It takes about 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.

2. In a modern RR, a special system automatically cleans the ash tray, you will never find a cigarette end.

3. The letter RR on the wheels is always in the up position, even when driving.

4. Hong Kong has the most Rolls Royce per capita in the world.

5. Rolls Royce manufactures nuclear reactors for British submarines with a little help

6. Rolls Royce has a secret compartment for an umbrella designed and manufactured by Rolls Royce.

7. For over a century, Rolls Royce has built quality cars with iconic and elite status. Older Rolls Royce models are still in high demand and most can recognize a single roll of logo.

8. Car of the Year, not only being the first car, this is a demonstration that earned him his status as “best car in the world”. 14,731 miles covered the Silver Ghost model and the alpine rally in 1913 on difficult terrain. This alpine race is still in progress and it is best that you compete with your classic Rolls Royce! Special painter. A man, Mark Courts, painted the Rolls Royce bus line before leaving the factory; No robot or machine can do this job. Mark has to focus a lot on this line because there is no draft if he makes a mistake. Without pressure.

classic rolls royce car from 1900

9. Not manufactured by one manufacturer until 1946, shortly after the Second World War, Rolls Royce did not build and sell the entire car. Like most former producers, they devoted themselves to the construction of the engine and chassis and used Park Ward, Barker, Hooper and others in London to build a body and a bus around them. The first complete car manufactured by Rolls Royce was the Silver Dawn. It was manufactured between 1949 and 1955

10. In 1971, Rolls Royce went into liquidation. The first problems with the RB211 jet engine led to the takeover of the company by the state and the introduction of the automobile business in 1973 as an independent unit. One of the cars that emerged as part of the new Rolls-Royce engine was the Corniche.

11. To get the highest Rolls Royce density in the world, you must visit Hong Kong. This is not as strange as it seems, since Hong Kong was under the British crown from 1841 to 1997 (excluding the Japanese occupation during the First World War).

12. Volkswagen and BMW have always shown great interest in the acquisition of Rolls Royce. In 1998, BMW overtook Volkswagen (£ 430 million to £ 340 million), but it turned out that they had only bought part of the company. After all, BMW had the name and logo, while Volkswagen had rights to the mascot and the grill. They agreed that from 2003 BMW would be able to produce the complete car under the name of Rolls Royce.

13. The 2003 Phantom is the first Rolls Royce built entirely under BMW with an impressive 44,000 exterior and interior shades.

14. Still on the road today, around 65% of the Rolls Royce cars that have been built are in circulation! The quality and love of the brand keep it strong.

15. You can probably never afford one! Read our Financial Articles to come a little bit closer ;P


Rolls Royce strives to keep their cars as unique as possible. Each motor is built by hand!


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