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What you Should Know About Social Media Marketing *SMMA*

Social media can be easy to publish, like and share, but for those who have their hands in commerce and Internet marketing, social networks are huge and very difficult to overcome. There are many things that go beyond just publishing and sharing and are better known as social media marketing strategies. Even if you are active in your personal life on social networks, it is often difficult to run social networks for your blog or business. It’s difficult for anyone, but knowing that these best practices can greatly help to shorten your learning curve and increase your success.


Before I start talking about the topic, I would like to say that social networks are often used for promotions and professional conversions, but these networks should not just be treated as “advertising tools”. Instead, you should consider the meaning of “social” as you leverage these networks to promote your business. In simple words, social media marketing strategies should be implemented with a focus on the network to be used for promoting and selling your business.

However, using social media platforms for your business or website can be overwhelming, even if your experience is excellent as it is a lot to learn and put into practice. Here are some social networking info that you need to know if you are involved in social media marketing or if you want to expand your knowledge of it.

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy

The world of social media marketing has evolved a lot; Things that are easy to implement on social networks take a lot of time and effort because of increased competition. The first thing you need to know and believe is that social media marketing will be a long-term strategy. Therefore, you should not expect changes to occur at night. Instead, focus on your efforts to save time.

If you run a small business, it can be difficult for you to invest your time and effort into something that does not promise immediate results. But you have to do it if you want an effective online presence for your business.

Success requires commitment

Engagement in social networks is the key to success. The more you interact with your audience, the more you will have. You must accept that everyone likes to be recognized, perceived and special. Then, when you interact with your audience, you will feel special and you will connect. Such engagement can do a lot to expand business reach. However, there is nothing special to improve your interaction with the public. Read their publications, click on like, share them and comment on them to improve your participation. This gives the opportunity to view your profile and share it with others.

Social network profiles are listed in the search results

Although many of you are aware of this, we remind you that social network profiles are included in the ranking. When you search for a brand on Google, your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles appear on the results of the first page. What we mean is that you create your social media profiles carefully and do your best so to get ranked. Keep these profiles up to date even if you do not use them regularly. Create these profiles and remember that they represent your brand.

Visual content is king in social networks

If you ask people if they want to watch a video or read an article, about 90% of them will choose the previous option. You can also ask yourself the same question and we are sure you will choose the video. Videos not only convey your message, they also consume less time. So focus on creating videos instead of creating blogs and long articles. Feel free to work for a professional video production because the quality of the video influences the image of your brand.

You must stop doing these things

  • Do not compare your stats with others.
  • Do not publish because you have to publish; Focus on the quality of the content.
  • Social networks have a lot to offer, so do not try to distract yourself. If you use a social network, go directly to the task at hand. There is a variety of news that distracts you but do not get lost.
  • Stay away from direct mail.


Social networks allow you to share ideas, build relationships and create your own identity. If you use it for SEO and marketing, you should consider the above info when creating and implementing your strategies. For any social network, keep in mind that growth is slow and natural. But remember to post frequently, interact with others and optimize your content, do it and you will see an exciting progression on your social networks platforms.

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