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What You DON’T Know about Social media YET!

In the social aspect, you need to know and believe that social media marketing will be a long-term strategy. So you should not expect changes to happen overnight; Instead, you should concentrate on your efforts to reduce treatment time. If you run a small business, it can be discouraging to invest time and effort in something that does not promise immediate results. But you must have it if you want to have an online presence for your business.


Remember that the news in social networks are commitment. Everyone wants to be more memorable, they are getting more memorable than they are. Giving the seal of approval to a stranger creates an instant connection. Engage, offers you the opportunity to see your profile and share your brand with them. You will discover that the more you relate to others, the more momentum you will gain. Then, sometimes, go to the publications of other peoples, to love, share and comment. In return, you risk generating movement for your brand. Comment on other people’s images, “love them” and follow the people of your target audience to raise awareness and take users to their profile page. Start by following the people who really interest you and those who follow other blogs or brands in your niche. As your feed fills up, start commenting on other people’s posts. Do it with authenticity, when you have something nice, encouraging, reflective or pleasant to say.

Visual content is king on social networks

When you ask people if they want to watch a video or read an article, about 90% of them will choose the first option. Even if you can ask and we are sure that you would choose the video. The videos not only convey your message effectively, but also take less time. Therefore, concentrate on creating videos instead of creating long blogs and articles. Do not hesitate to switch to professional video production because the quality of the video will have an impact on the image of your brand. Edia is as easy as posting, sharing and tweeting, right? It’s not enough This list of 10 essential tips and tricks on social networks goes beyond publishing and sharing. We are here to present the necessary elements to create a powerful presence in social networks. You may be at risk of a successful social media strategy.


Even if you are active through social media platforms in your personal life, it is often difficult to manage your social networks for your blog or business. It’s a complex for everyone, but best practices can be done to reduce your learning curve and increase your success. How to increase your presence in social networks, performance and goals! Ready? Go!

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy.

The world of social media marketing has changed a lot. Things that are easy to implement in social networks require a lot of time and effort because of the increased competition. One of the things you should know and believe is that social media marketing will be a long-term strategy. So, you should not expect changes overnight. Instead, you need to focus on your efforts to reduce processing time

If you run a small business, it can be intimidating to invest effort and time in something that does not promise immediate results. But you have to do it if you want an effective online presence for your business.

Give everything and do not expect anything.

See social networks as the virtual community that what it is. The best way to succeed is to add value, communicate with others, engage with them and then build trust and affection that come with focus. With others you can recover something. Build to make a profit Make the most of social networks if you do not expect anything and you give it all. This simple change of mentality will make the time spent on social networks more enjoyable, rewarding and entertaining, which will make it more attractive to potential subscribers.

Social network profiles are listed in the search results.

Although many of you are aware of this, we would like to remind you that social network profiles are included in the ranking. When you search for a brand on Google, your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles appear on the results on the first page. What we want to tell you is that you create your social media profiles with care and do your best. Keep these profiles at the same time, even if you do not use them regularly. Create these profiles, remembering that they represent your brand.

What not to do!

Sometimes, “what should not be done” is more important than “doing”. In this case, these are just some useful tips to make the most of social networks: how to do it correctly.


  • Do not check your statistics obsessively. Have fun with social networks instead of having all the tastes that I like, follow or comment.
  • Do not just post; just divide if you have something important to say. In general, you have something fun, informative, pleasant or useful to share.
  • Never ask for a follow-up and do not necessarily say, “I am” in your profile. Explain clearly that you are there to increase the livelihood of others and that the fans are attracted to them.
  • Do not get distracted. Remember that when you connect to Facebook or other websites, “work” directly in your destination, do not stop browsing your news. You could lose yourself forever.
  • Stay away from blatant self-promotion Nobody likes it.
  • If you are generally involved in the community, be careful not to become a stalker. Comment or share publications about you that relate to your niche (that is, a blogger who specializes in natural foods may like a photo of a morning shake). Stay away from family photos or more personal messages from strangers.

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