How to Notice If A Lottery Is A SCAM? (must-read tips)

The lottery is an easy way to win a prize. The lottery was a fun and funny game, but nowadays it becomes a business and people play it to make money. In this we have to pay to play, but there is no guarantee to win.


Many organizations claim to be a proven lottery system. But is there virtually any fact to this statement, or is it anything but defeated and just a myth? Honestly, it’s easy to believe that a lottery system is a scam and you might just be some of them. Many websites offer you a promising lottery system. However, only after you have paid the money could you end up with less content without help or support.


Fortunately, the idea of ​​a proven lottery system is a good idea, just as you will find many scammers in the idea of ​​real estate wealth, as there are many in the proven lottery system. However, if it’s centered on a reliable concept of what works, it means that some providers and websites are available. A proven lottery system does not include smoke and mirrors, but certainties and mathematical logic. Here are some tips on how to find a proven lottery system.


Firstly, a successful lottery technique requires a lottery that requires the minimum number of games to win. The case is usually the fact that the more numbers you need to match, the bigger the jackpot, but do you understand why? The lottery jackpot wins because not everyone is declared the winner.


Secondly, a proven lottery system requires an understanding of the game. The lottery is not different than sitting at a gaming table in a casino. Those who know the game very well have the best odds and the people who go to the game will almost be sure to lose their shirt. In a proven lottery solution, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various strategies and simple rules of the game. A person must then start to set up a tested lottery method and will be built next.


The last idea of ​​a proven lottery system should be consistent. First, it’s important to understand the statistics and probabilities of a proven technique that you choose to choose a consistent system. Look at the numbers that are most common and those that are usually less common to create a graph and / or a mathematical graph describing the numbers that appear most likely. Then your validated lottery method should be to choose those numbers most often to increase your chances. Think of this as the identical strategy of a top roulette player: by examining exactly which numbers and colors appear much more often before making a well-founded bet.


How it happens

  • You will receive a letter or email informing you that you have won a jackpot in a lottery in the UK or abroad.


  • You will be asked to contact someone who claims to be a lottery company official so that you can make payments on your winnings.


  • If you answer, you will need to provide personal information and copies of documents such as your passport as proof of identity. Fraudsters can use this information to steal your identity.


  • You may also be asked to pay a fee to process your request. Every time you pay, you will receive reasons why your winnings cannot be paid unless you make another payment. They also give you reasons why fees cannot be withdrawn from your account and must be paid in advance. Real lotteries never ask for money to release their profits.


  • You can also be asked for your bank details and say that they will pay your winnings directly to your bank account. However, if you submit your bank details, fraudsters can use them to delete your account.


The scams are usually based on convincing the recipient of a fake e-mail, text, letter or phone call that they have won a large sum of money in a lottery, which is then transferred to their bank account by way of taxes are saved by the swindlers, who often require additional payments to chain the victim, and often the cheater asks for personal information that will later be used for identity theft.


Answering one of these messages can open the door to a flood of unwanted letters, phone calls, and unwanted emails trying to separate you from your money.


Methods of scamming

These are the most common types of lottery fraud. You can first be contacted in the following ways:


Message:Receive a letter informing you that you have won a prize, but you must pay a fee to process your claim before you can pay your winnings.

Email:Similar to email scams, but fraudulent emails can also refer to fraudulent copies of official websites to appear legitimate.


Phone:Receives a call informing you of a lottery win, and during the call the “Lotto Official” will try to use your surprise to get your bank account.


Social Networks:Receive a direct message informing you that your account has been selected for a lottery. Next you will be asked to send your financial information.


Mobile:Receive a text message informing you that your mobile number was randomly selected in a lottery to win a prize.


No matter how they contact you, you never give your personal and financial information to a suspected lottery fraudster. No legitimate and regulated lottery will charge you a fee for your winnings. Hang up, discard letters and delete emails and messages.


How to protect yourself

  • Do not respond to competitions that you have not entered.
  • Break all contacts and alert your bank.
  • Never disclose your bank details or pay in advance to release your prize.
  • Find the characters
  • If you did not buy a ticket, you may not have won.
  • You are asked to keep your winnings secret and to respond quickly or lose your winnings.
  • You must pay fees such as taxes, legal and banking fees to free up your income.


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