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The REAL Reasons Why Men Should Own A Suit!

If you really need to dress to impress, there is no better option than a custom shirt! Even the most careless and fashionably ignorant man can dramatically increase his appearance simply by placing one on top. Of course, you want the right tie, shoes, shirt and belt. But, the suit of two or three-piece will work wonders, everything else is added.

Why Do You Need A Suit?

In addition to looking more attractive and stylish, you’ll feel safer, especially if you’re comparing to worn, old and tired jeans that you think fit perfectly to your vintage shirt. Well, as with many things, there is a time and a place for everything. But sometimes you have to look better than normal, and there are innumerable occurrences if that’s the case. The following are some of the reasons why every man should possess a suit…

Everyone was there, thinking how good it would be to have the luxury gadgets, to drive the fastest cars, and accompany the sexiest women, while wearing the best outfit to be very stylish. Sometimes we just want to look good without really doing anything to achieve it. Wearing a suit brings at least part of this equation. In addition, you can still simulate a British accent … unless you are British, in which case you will have an idea of ​​how to pretend.

Single men know exactly how difficult the dating scene can be today. The competition is huge and the stakes are bigger than ever. Women seem to have in mind that the perfect man is exactly that, perfect and, moreover, exactly what they are looking for. Most women seek wealth, bragging, beauty, charisma, character, charm, understanding, empathy, trust, concentration, determination, motivation and a vague and arbitrary sense of humor. Putting on a suit or having a suit enhances your chance of winning in this game.

Well, this list was certainly short, but men, we are lucky! Because wearing a simple suit will do more than most people believe. Wealth? The suits are expensive. Swagger? If you wear a suit, you cannot help but feel proud. It seems? More than cloudy Charisma, character and charm? Everything becomes easier when you trust yourself. With Sympathy and empathy? Uh … dropping your jacket on a puddle so that a lady does not have to think twice. It’s nice enough to accept a cold, wet upper body instead of letting women’s feet get wet. In any case, now you have understood the point. Having a real suit makes you look gorgeous and more handsome socially and officially.

Promote A Positive Perceptivity

A freshly shaved face on a sunny day is amazing, but pervades it with a new suit and Tom Ford tie to complete your well-groomed appearance. Wearing an elegant accessory promotes better gesture with an outfit and increases self-esteem, because if you look good, you feel good. Disguise and give yourself a little confidence because it has a positive effect on your day.

Win A Competition Edge

When it comes to the average man’s opinion, I think it’s fair to say that the accessories do not mean much to them. Many men think that using interesting add-ons is too much for the next executive interview. Then the same men complain and wonder why they were ignored during the selection process or why they did not get the applause of the crowd they are looking for. Wear a suit.

Many modern offices, especially in creative areas, are more of a dress code pass. Jeans and T-shirts are often considered more appropriate than a buttoned suit or a high-heeled dress. But new research suggests a surprising benefit in disguising oneself for the day’s work. According to a study recently published in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science, dressing clothes changes the way people think and helps them focus on a larger picture. The research conducted by researchers showed that clothing had a significant impact on cognitive processing style. More formal dress led to more abstract cognitive processing. “Wearing formal clothes leads to more visual thinking than concrete, detail-oriented thinking,” said co-author Michael Slepian, a postdoctoral fellow in The Huffington Post at Columbia Business School.


The researchers asked a group of male and female volunteers at the university to conduct tests to determine their cognitive style of treatment at that time. Before some tests, the volunteers noticed the formality of what they had chosen. Other tests specifically told volunteers to put “clothes you would wear” or “clothes you wear for a job interview.” In a series of experiments, those who wore formal clothes showed a broader and holistic thought.

Why the changes of clothes caused changes in the way of thinking of people?

“Formal wear has strengthened people, which has led them to adopt high-level abstract thinking,” Slepian said, noting, than “The combination is a symbol of power.”


Special Occasions Often Ask For It

When it comes to knowing what to wear on special occasions, one usually only has to worry about wearing a suit. Whether you are attending a wedding, a funeral, a birthday, or any other special event. Attending a funeral, ideally in a dark suit such as black, charcoal, dark gray or navy, if it’s the only suit he has. While some families choose to occupy the deceased by asking participants to dress in bright colors, it is more common for the dress code to be a dark suit and often has a dark tie.

Also attending a wedding, unless otherwise stated in the invitation, you must always wear a suit when attending a wedding. As in the case of funerals, sometimes the bride and groom require a non-traditional dress code, which is more informal at the wedding, a summer dress, a wedding on the beach or an island, and although it is less common, it is possible that one day you can attend a themed wedding including very specific dress codes. If you are attending a traditional wedding that requires a suit, a 3-piece suit is more than acceptable for these occasions.

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Participating in the horse race is another opportunity for a man to wear a suit. For many people, horse racing is like a public fashion show and I suggest that all men wear a lot when they go to the track. The race is a fun occasion where the style and color of your choice give you more freedom and flexibility.


When interviewing for a job, the vast majority of industries will ask you to wear a suit. There may be exceptions, such as more creative, artistic and commercial industries.

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But most job interviews require a suit and tie if you have the opportunity to get a job. If you are not sure, it is best to wear a suit and a tie, as overexposure is a better result than being poorly dressed.

Regarding the color of the best combination for a job interview, the managers know that the marine suit is the best color for interviewing. This color offers unconscious messages of professionalism, maturity and serious approach.

If you have a position in the business world or in sales, but do not usually wear a suit and tie. I advice you wear a suit and tie, or only suit, if you have been formally invited to a meeting to talk about a promotion or salary increase. This will show that you give this important discussion the weight it deserves, and that the result is enough to make you increase the effort you make with your presentation. When you attend this type of meeting, I suggest that you wear a dark green tie, as this color has meaning for growth and money, which is the basic idea of ​​the meeting.

When it comes to business, nothing beats your professionalism better than a suit. In comparison, I cannot imagine other clothing options that make the same statement. Whether you attend a big business meeting or just job interview, wear a suit. There are few reasons not to do so, and in this part, you increase your chances of success. Sometimes you get better service when you present yourself as a great opportunity


Respect is given only when it is earned … or when it seems deserved. If you buy a house, a trip, or other activities that are primarily cared for by people, they probably offer you better service if they respect you. And what deserves more respect than a well-dressed man in a suit? The answer is very small…

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